Unique hands-on community research opportunity in Abbotsford W2018 IDS 400F: Civic Engagement & Participation

SEATS STILL AVAILABLE for this unique chance to be part of hands-on community research in Abbotsford. This is also an excellent learning opportunity for students looking to apply for grad school or law school. Please contact Hamish Telford before December 20th at hamish.telford@ufv.ca for a seat today!

W2018 Abbotsford

IDS 400F: Civic Engagement and Participation
Instructors; Hamish Telford & Sam Schechter
Wednesday: 10:00 am – 12:50 pm

This course explores the issues and challenges in motivating public participation in local governance. Students will research and analyze the issue and potential strategies, including through primary research with stakeholders and citizens to provide meaningful solutions to this ongoing problem.

[box]Prerequisite: 75 university credis. IDS 400F counts as an upper-level credit for a number of programs, including BA, BGS, Business, GEOG major and minors, POSC major and minors.[/box]

If you have any questions, please contact Hamish Telford, UFV Political Science Professor, before December 20th at hamish.telford@ufv.ca