The Mycology / BC First Nations Connection

Be sure to check out the display cabinet located outside of Room D104! Biology Lab Instructor, Pat Harrison, has put together a great display showing the uses of fungi by the BC First Nations. This is part of the BIOLOGY 370 Introduction to Mycology course.

[box]BIOLOGY 370 Introduction to Mycology[/box]

This course is an introduction to the study of fungi. Topics include the origin and evolution, taxonomy, structure and ultrastructure, nutritional acquisition, metabolism, genomics, ecology and symbiosis, plant pathogens, entomopathogens, and human mycoses. The laboratory sessions are both lab and field oriented, with the primary goal of providing students with the skills necessary to identify the major groups of fungi in the field as well as looking at DNA sequencing techniques to help identify soil and mycorrhizal fungi. Classroom lectures are integrated with laboratory exercises, which provide students with hands-on exposure to the topics covered in lecture. Techniques used for studying fungi are covered as well.

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