RSVP for the Science Communication Workshop MAY 11th

The Faculty of Science is excited to bring LitScientist to UFV! This workshop is [highlight]open to ALL UFV Faculty, Staff and Students [/highlight]who would like to learn more about audience engagement, public speaking, knowledge mobilization and translation.

WHEN: Thursday, May 11th from 9-12 PM
WHERE: D225 Abbotsford Campus

[highlight]SPACE IS LIMITED! RSVP by May 9th[/highlight] to Caroline Majeau at X4825 or email

[box]Sharing Your Science Workshop[/box]

Communicating science is hard. Technical concepts and specialized language make it difficult to share science with a general audience. This can limit researchers, educators, and students in many ways, from explaining their work and interests to friends and family to engaging with the media and securing funding. The Sharing Your Science workshop is designed to help scientists overcome their expert blind spot, connect with their audience, and develop engagement strategies. Participants will be guided through the process of understanding non-expert perspectives, breaking down research into relatable elements, and maintaining audience interest. Whether it’s presenting research, teaching scientific concepts, or sharing topics of interest, this workshop will help scientists develop the necessary skills to communicate their message.

[box]About Us[/box]

Nikki Berreth

Nikki is a mathematician and science communicator with over six years’ experience in relaying scientific and technical knowledge to the public through presentations, demonstrations and communication artifacts. Alan is an environmental professional and science

Alan Shapiro

communicator with over five years’ experience developing communication strategies and sharing earth and environmental science. While they are skilled at creating ‘indirect’ science communication artifacts, they feel that science should be directly delivered to the public from the source, the scientists. Thus, LitScientist was built to assist scientists in making their knowledge and findings accessible to the public.