Four-$2,000 WestGen Education Awards Available! Deadline Oct 31st!

Every year, WestGen awards 4 worthy Western Canadian Agriculture or Veterinary students a $2,000 Education Award. WestGen’s Education Awards are available to post-secondary students from Western Canada who are pursuing studies in agriculture or veterinary medicine. Applicants must be a WestGen member or son/daughter of a WestGen member. They offer four $2,000 awards each fall.

The enhanced Awards program that began in 2011, allows WestGen to focus the scope of the selection process to those students that aspire to have a career in the cattle industry in Western Canada. It also makes the awards accessible to more students that may be studying at other institutions, such as local colleges, or universities outside of Western Canada.

WestGen believes in supporting the development of future dairy industry leaders and professionals. We are pleased to provide these awards to Western Canadian youth to help ensure a bright future for the cattle industry.

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