Guest Speaker, Dr. David Sivak, Biophysicist to visit UFV October 31st

sivak-d-sfuPlease join the Physics Student Association in welcoming Biophysicist, Dr. David Sivak from Simon Fraser University. Dr. Sivak will be speaking about his research on molecular-level thermodynamic interactions. UFV Physics, Chemistry and Biology students will find his research quite fascinating!

When: Monday, October 31, 2016 4:30 – 5:30 pm
Where: B121 Abbotsford Campus


Hope to see you there!

The Sivak group uses theory and computation to study the nonequilibrium thermodynamics of molecular-scale biological processes. We seek to identify the physical constraints placed on biological systems by their operational imperatives: performing productive functions in finite time while driven by strong gradients, using fluctuation-dominated microscopic objects of low copy number in a cell at room temperature. Such constraints should point to the basic design principles of driven biomolecular-scale energy and information transmission, illuminate the (constrained) evolutionary optimization of molecular machines and cellular networks, and produce criteria for achieving particular functions in novel synthetic machines and networks.

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