Inaugural Science AAAwards (2013)

Archived from UFV Today, September 30 2013. Original post by Darren Macdonald.

AAAward – Ben Vanderlei Outstanding Outreach – Susan Milner
Superb Service – Karen Cooper Terrific Teaching – Joss Ives
Superb Service – Ron Wilen Remarkable Research – Derek Harnett

More than an exercise in awesome alliteration, UFV’s Faculty of Science AAAwards brought well-deserved recognition to department leaders.

Led by Dean of Science Lucy Lee, the inaugural awards were meant to shine light on those quietly doing exemplary work all across the science spectrum.

“We have so many talented people in the science department, but often they’re also quite modest as well. They need and deserve to have a champion to bring them into the spotlight,” Lee explains.

This year’s award recipients include:

AAAward — Ben Vanderlei: His math class is always among the first to fill each semester and he has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. “The way he teaches is an art,” Lee says.

Outstanding Outreach — Susan Milner: Her care and community involvement are so great that Lee nominated Susan for UFV’s distinguished Betty Urquhart award, though she was not selected — as winners are most often chosen from the community at large.

Terrific Teaching — Joss Ives: Received rave reviews from students and faculty, the latter often emulating his teaching style. Unfortunately, Joss was snatched up by UBC’s science faculty department.

Superb Service (staff) — Karen Cooper: “She does what it takes to make sure the job’s done right and everyone succeeds. She’s invaluable.”

Superb Service (faculty) —Ron Wilen: A key person behind the regional science fair (and its head judge), Ron quietly organizes volunteers and students while making time when not busy teaching biology.

Remarkable Research — Derek Harnett: A “star teacher”, this physicist is known as a strong lecturer on topics such as Exotic Bound States of the Strong Nuclear Force,  in addition to leading student researchers through summer work and youth forums.

“They’re all such incredible stars and they’re usually working behind the scenes where most people can’t appreciate what they do,” says Lee.

“It’s time the public knows our science department is loaded with service and teaching talent.”

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