CHASI Art Exhibit: Faces of Resilience

CHASI is proud to share our first art exhibit, Faces of Resilience. This collection of work from our talented graphic design intern, Celina Koops, now hangs in the Hub, bringing a new life to our space.

Reflecting on Faces of Resilience, Celina writes:

The artwork presented celebrates more than just diversity and resilience. Each piece opened a new discovery and carried me closer to my own identity as well. The Faces of Resilience are loud. They are voices to acknowledge those who are denied one. The visibly indigenous and women of colour featured in this art also showcase the beautiful colour palettes that were invented within each culture.

Please take a moment to enjoy this introduction to Celina’s work and approach, created in collaboration with Matej Balaz and Joel Vanderpol.

The pieces featured in Faces of Resilience are also available for digital viewing below. For more of Celina’s work, follow her Instagram: @celinamedia.