Mental Health on Dark Days

Seasonal depression is in full swing for many people this fall semester. Summer has now gone, the days are shorter, and the clouds are darker. The workload of a busy semester piles up, and we return to classrooms and offices. All during a pandemic. It’s a lot to process.

This post is our virtual hug to you, as we know you cannot physically hug everyone you might want to right now. Remind yourself that self-care is important this fall. We want you to keep yourself safe and healthy.

Illustration of a friend reaching out to embrace the viewer while wearing cozy winter clothes.

This Sunday, October 10, is World Mental Health Day. If you’re a student who needs help, reach out to UFV’s counselling team. If you’re a faculty or staff member, the employee family assistance program will connect you with support. For others in our community, BC has a wide range of services available to help.

Be kind and understanding with one another, and we will push through to brighter days.

This illustration by Celina Koops is part of CHASI’s ongoing series acknowledging some of the significant annual observances that align with our core values. To learn more and see the other illustrations in this series, please visit our observances page