Inaugural School of Business Field School – Business in Europe

Over the past two weeks a group of UFV Business students and faculty went on the first School of Business field school. The students took part in BUS 390M – Business in Europe, an upper level elective course newly offered within the program. This active learning opportunity allows students to step out of the traditional classroom to expand their knowledge base, which has been proven to be the best way to learn.

The group traveled through four separate European countries, mixing academic learning with cultural activities, and city exploration. The trip started in St. Gallen, Switzerland at one of UFV’s International Partner Schools, FHS St. Gallen. Students had the opportunity to sit in various lectures, experience company visits, sightsee through a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and go up into the Swiss Alps.

After four days with FHS St. Gallen, the group made their way by train to Heidelberg, Germany to spend a relaxing weekend. Students spent their free time hiking through the hills around the town, visiting the ruins of Schloss Heidelberg, or soaking in the local culture and trying their cuisine.

When the weekend ended they made their final train journey to Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Once there they teamed up with another UFV International Partner School, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. The group spent the remaining five days around the Netherlands and Belgium in more lectures and company visits, including a Coca-Cola bottling plant. They also toured around the countryside taking in the sights of dykes and windmills, and in the cities learned about the history and culture through walking tours and harbour cruises.

When asked about the tour afterwards, Emily Wang said, “traveling to Europe with the School of Business is a great experience that you cannot obtain by traveling by yourself. You get to meet foreign businesses and students while experiencing different lifestyles and cultures. The experience left me more open minded and adaptable. The field school is a combination of studying, traveling, and having fun!”

If you want to partake in a similar unique experience check the School of Business website in September!