UFV Student Entrepreneur profile: The Phone Doctor

Brady Lawlor, UFV Bachelor of Business Administration

I had always been resourceful and “handy” but seven years ago, in grade 11 of high school a friend dropped his iPhone 4 into water and it stopped working. I asked him if he would let me try to fix it since he really didn’t have anything to lose since the phone was currently useless and he agreed. I successfully repaired his phone and from that success as well as my recognition of the constantly cracking screens I began to offer my repair service to fill the need. The beginning was simple, I took a down payment, ordered parts online, when the parts arrived I repaired the phone and then the customer paid the remainder. In this small scale word of mouth stage I did not make a lot of money but I did gain a nickname as Phone Doctor, which would become the name of my business.

The School of Business Trade Show on March 8th gave my business some extra exposure and the opportunity to share something I have worked so hard to build. It also gave me the chance to network and meet so many great business owners who actually provided on the spot guidance feedback and compliments for me throughout the event.

Studies at UFV paired with running a business full time has had its immense challenges, but also substantial reward. Being local I was able to continue to operate my business while attending classes and more importantly I was able to balance and work for my customers around my school schedule giving me ultimate flexibility. Days that had me completely swamped for school meant I could postpone a customers repair until I am available, and days that I had more free time I could push promotions and try to attract new business. The classes themselves have been so applicable and beneficial especially since I am in the business program majoring in marketing. I have been intrigued in class material for the additional reason that it could aid my business directly. The marketing guidance and knowledge as well as the confidence and self assurance gained from various presentations throughout my studies has given me great confidence and professionalism that has allowed me to advance my business.