School of Business faculty workshop on PRME opportunities

Friday, April 7, 2017 marked the first UFV School of Business PRME Faculty Workshop. This event was organized by the School of Business to discuss opportunities to integrate the PRME Initiative into curricular and extracurricular activities. The UFV School of Business became a signatory of PRME in 2015 and has recently produced its first PRME report.

The discussion centralized around an article published in the Journal of Management Education, written by  Marc Lavine and Christopher Roussin entitled, From Idea to Action: Promoting Responsible Management Education Though a Semester-Long Academic Integrity Learning Project.”

The article describes various stages of an academic integrity project where student teams examine their Universities’ academic integrity policy and make recommendations for improvements.

UFV School of Business faculty discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the project, and how similar strategies and themes could be implemented in business courses at UFV. Focusing on action and problem-based learning in teams, the article details the way in which using a personalized example can help students to engage fully in a topic, and it was felt that focusing on policies that directly affect students may help make concepts taught more relevant.

The importance of the individual’s role as well as the role of the organization in demonstrating and ensuring ethical behaviour was also discussed. Asking students to understand multiple stakeholder perspectives and identify how micro-level ethical behaviour feeds macro-level behaviour and vice versa was considered one important take-away lesson from reading the article.

More in formation on PRME can be found here.