Meet the recipients of the 2021 Undergraduate Research Excellence Awards

Earlier this month, 32 individuals were recognized with 26 Undergraduate Research Excellence Awards — totaling $26,000 — in honour of their research work as part of the UFV Work-Study program, as research assistants, or for an outstanding research project completed in 2020-2021.

The annual URE Awards are coordinated by the Office of Research, Engagement, and Graduate Studies to recognize undergraduate research excellence across the university. (Award nominations are submitted by departments/schools, based on faculty recommendations, each spring.)

While the URE Awards could not take place in person this year, you can watch the awards video – a 17-minute celebration with lively cameos by 25 students — at

Personal reflections from each award recipient on their research interests, award-winning project, and next steps in life are available to read at

2021 Undergraduate Research Excellence Award Recipients:

• Communications ($1,000) — Lana Harach for “Mitigating Dangers of Vespa mandarinia (Asian Giant Hornet).” Supervisor: David Thomson.

• School of Creative Arts ($1,000) — Paul Hill for “Systemic White Racism in Canada: A Graphic Novel.” Supervisor: Dr. Anna Griffith.

• School of Criminology & Criminal Justice ($1,000) — Ireland Bellsmith and Tripat Sandhu for “Safe Use of Confession Pages.” Supervisors: Dr. Amy Prevost and Dr. Hayli Millar.

• Economics — Mika Bachmann for “How different healthcare systems affect the first wave of COVID-19.” Supervisor: David Dobson.

• English — Sien Barnett for “Bridging the Gap: Exploring Literary Traditions in Alison Bechdel’s ‘Fun Home’.” Supervisor: Dr. Hilary Turner.

• History — Jordan Sheffield for “Lenin to Lennon: The Role of Rock and Rap in Mongolia’s Recent Past.” Supervisor: Larissa Horne.

• Media Studies — Aidan Leuszler for “Horror Video Games: Sutoritera.” Supervisor: Dr. David Christopher.

• Philosophy — Shannon Pahladsingh for “Do Coral Reefs Love Us Back? The Environmental Ethics of Coastal Tourism.” Supervisor: Anna Cook.

• Political Science — Ian Boese for “From Bellwether to Bastion: Analysis of the Party System in the Electoral Districts of Kamloops.” Supervisor: Dr. Hamish Telford.

• Psychology — Shelby Shuster for “Women’s Sensitivity to Cues of Men’s Threat in an Online Dating Simulation and the (In)effectiveness of Online Dating Recommendations.” Supervisor: Dr. Shawn Geniole.

• Sociology — Michelle Grafton for “Enforcing the Rules versus ‘Doing What’s Right’: Lived Experiences of Labour and Delivery Nurses in the Context of COVID-19.” Supervisor: Dr. Michael Corman.

• Kinesiology — Jenna Knelson for “MYSelf Club: Virtual intervention for children w/self-regulation challenges.” Supervisors: Dr. Alison Pritchard-Orr and Dr. Kathy Keiver.

• Nursing — Leia Perovic for “Exploring the Impact of Nursing Students’ Program Experiences on Post-Grad Career Specialty Choices.” Supervisor: Dr. Shelley Canning.

• Adult Education — Philippa Robertshaw for “Challenges and Issues in Supporting ADED Learners Online.” Supervisor: Dr. Chris Campbell.

• School of Business — Lahayla Charlie-Campbell, Shreya Joseph, Anureet Kaurha, Trisha Kumar, and Sukhjot Sidhu for “Effects of Message Framing on Building Public Support in Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine.” Supervisor: David Dobson.

• School of Social Work and Human Services — Jennifer Banh and Natalie Dahl for “Social work and the practice/pursuit of social justice.” Supervisor: Dr. Lisa Moy.

• Physics — Emily Rettich for “Perturbative Contributions to the Isoscalar 0+- Hybrid Decay to pi- b1(1235)+.” Supervisor: Dr. Derek Harnett.

• Agriculture Science —  Jade Sherwood for “Chemical cues of male and female Leptopilina japonica parasitoids on food substrate of the nation wide berry pest, Drosophila suzukii.” Supervisor: Dr. Renee Prasad. External supervisor: Dr. Paul Abrams, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada.

• Biology — Kennedy Zwarych for “Pathogen prevalence in wild bumblebees (Bombus spp.) across the Fraser Valley.” Supervisor: Dr. Sandra Gillespie.

• Chemistry — Connor Frey for “Peptide mapping employing pepsin and triethoxysilylbutyraldehyde: Optimizing immobilization parameters via capillary electrophoresis and mass spectrometric analysis.” Supervisor: Dr. Golfam Ghafourifar.

• Computer Science — Steven Lawrence for “Improved deep convolutional neural network with age augmentation for facial emotion recognition in social companion robotics.” Supervisor: Dr. Amir Shabani.

• School of Land Use and Environmental Change (SLUEC) — Vanessa Brewer and Nicola Ferguson for “Luminescence dating of ancient environments, Hudson Bay Lowlands.” Supervisor: Dr. Olav Lian.

• Community Service Research Award — Julia Whittaker (SLUEC Arts) for “Starling Management on Blueberry Fields in East Matsqui: A CityStudio Project.” Supervisors: Larissa Horne and Dr. Mariano Mapoli.

• Indigenous Research Award – Alice Clark (English) for “True Patriot Love? Exposing the Illusion of Canadian Multiculturalism Through Indigenous and Immigrant Literature.” Supervisor: Dr. Michelle La Flamme.

• Industry Engagement Award — Maciej Kaczor (Electrical Apprenticeship) for “Automated Honey Extraction System Project.” Supervisor: Daniel Smythe. Industry partner: Worker Bee Honey Co.

• Industry Engagement Award —  Holden Pimentel (CIS) for “The Rolling List Software.” Supervisor: Dr. Opeyemi Adesina.

Congratulations to all of the award recipients, and a special thank you to the faculty research mentors who invested significant time and care into cultivating enjoyable, rigorous, and fulfilling undergraduate research experiences for their students!

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