WeVu Workshop — Sept 22

A platform that can host videos made by students and faculty. WeVu allows video annotations and time-stamped feedback. An easy to use tool where students and instructors can comment inline with a video. Workshop Schedule: WeVu – Tues, Sept 22 from 10-11am – – http://events.ufv.ca/tlc/events/wevu-workshop-5/ For more information, contact Leah Lyon at tlcevents@ufv.ca 09/25/2020

Padlet Workshop — Sept 23

A synchronous or asynchronous application that can support activities like posting Post-it notes to a whiteboard for generating/collaborating on. A colourful and engaging medium to share ideas that is very simple for students to post anonymous entries. It is an alternative to a shared whiteboard and is simple for instructors to set up. Workshop Schedule: … Read more

Camtasia Workshop — Sept 24

Camtasia can be a great tool for your videos! Camtasia is a screen recorder and video editor that can be used to create and edit video tutorials and other instructional videos. Workshop Schedule: Camtasia — Thurs, Sept 24 from 10-11 am – – http://events.ufv.ca/tlc/events/camtasia-workshop-4/ For more information, contact Leah Lyon at tlcevents@ufv.ca 09/24/2020

PeerScholar Workshop — Sept 23

PeerScholar is much more than just a self-and peer assessment tool Have you wanted to help develop your students’ metacognitive skills? Are you designing activities and assessments that promote transferrable skills such as critical, creative and analytic thinking? Have you thought about how students can improve their ability to accept “sh*t sandwiches” and work with … Read more

MicroCourse 4 — Create a Compelling Discussion Forum — Sept 21

MicroCourse 4 – Online Teaching Fundamentals – Discussion Forum This MicroCourse will cover Student led discussions, self and peer assessment, grading and assessing student activity Mon, Sept 21 from 3-4 pm Facilitator: Ken Harmel, Learning Designer These series of MicroCourses will introduce the essential Blackboard tools, but the primary objective of these MicroCourses is the … Read more

Breaking the cycle of procrastination workshop: building awareness, compassion, and tools to more effectively engage in learning — Sept 30, Oct 7, Oct 14

Do you deal with procrastination and find yourself avoiding homework? Do you have high standards that get in the way of starting your work? Has the transition to online learning been difficult? Learn better ways to stay engaged with your learning! This workshop is offered by UFV counselling over three weeks and will involve self-reflective … Read more

1 student & 1 staff needed to help select faculty award recipient

Want to help select the 2021 Faculty Service Excellence award recipient? The Faculty Standards Committee of Senate seeks one student and one staff member to join the selection committee for the 2020-21 year. What about the commitment? It’s not a huge commitment. The committee meets 2 or 3 times, between December and February, depending on … Read more

Policy Consultation — Policy 85 Reserved Seats — to be rescinded

The University Secretariat invites your feedback on the following policy that has been recommended to be rescinded. Reserved Seats (85). Supporting documents are available at: https://www.ufv.ca/secretariat/policies/updates/policy-in-consultation/ If you have any feedback, please submit your comments to Policyconsult@ufv.ca by October 6, 2020. Thank you for your input. For more information, contact Marlene Affleck at marlene.affleck@ufv.ca 10/06/2020

Design School Info Night — Sept 23

Hands-on, career-focused + far from ordinary! Graphic and Digital Design programs at the University of the Fraser Valley are forward-thinking, dynamic, and flexible. Come and learn about your options! Choose from a 4-year degree or a 2-year diploma; a graphic design minor or extended minor in any degree; or digital design concentrations in the Bachelor … Read more

MicroCourse 6 — Synchronous Teaching — Sept 17

MicroCourse 6 – Online Teaching Fundamentals – Synchronous Teaching This course is designed to help prepare you to teach online in real-time (synchronously). We will explore how the instructor can prepare for success, flip the virtual classroom, and engage students during live sessions. To demonstrate the techniques and objectives, this course will be delivered live … Read more