Métis Cart Presentation Ceremony — Oct 22

The UFV Library is celebrating the gift of a Red River Cart from the Chilliwack Métis Association for the Chilliwack library’s display on Métis culture and history.

The display began with a vision from Shirley Hardman, UFV’s Senior Advisor on Indigenous Affairs; a backdrop of road allowance poverty, a silhouette of Métis leader Louis Riel, a dirt road, rocks in a ditch, a Métis sash, a baby in a cradleboard strapped to a red river cart piled high with sacks of supplies. It’s a story of the Road Allowance people, of the leader who was executed for defending Métis rights, it’s a story of struggle, a story of people kicked off their land and forced to the margins, and a story of Indigenous Canadians on their path to governance. This is the story that the Chilliwack library is depicting in our display cabinet, in book displays in the library, and in partnership with the Indigenous Student Centre, the Indigenous Affairs office, UFV faculty, the Chilliwack Métis Association, and in the end, also with the Hudson’s Bay Company.

This story embodies UFV Library’s goals to decolonize and Indigenize, our values of inclusivity and collaboration, and our mandate to build respectful relations with Indigenous communities and with our communities inside and outside the institution. In this display, we’re looking back to the history but also forward to the future. We’re learning together and exploring what Indigenization and decolonization look like as the library supports the university’s programming in Indigenous Peoples Knowledge, the Halq’eméylem language, Métis social work, career preparation for Indigenous students, and academic success cohort for Indigenous students.

For more information, contact Lisa Morry at lisa.morry@ufv.ca