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Fall 2017 Highlights

ABT Field Trips

A group of students viewing the art installation called The Witness Blanket

ABT Students Viewing The Witness Blanket

As part of the university-wide commitment to Indigenization, ABT organized field trips to the Witness Blanket and The Reach Gallery Museum. Prior to the field-trip day, students were guided through an introduction to Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission mandate and calls to action. On October 25, faculty and students attended the Witness Blanket; in the afternoon, they went to The Reach, where they were encouraged to explore all the public art on display with a focus on the two Indigenous artists being exhibited. (Three faculty members and 41 students participated in the day’s events.)

Students reflected on their experiences and provided insightful feedback:

“If I have taken anything from this, it is that there is still a long way to go for all the wounds to heal.”

“I want to live my life with integrity by being respectful of others regardless of race, spirituality, color or gender. Understanding the tragic Indigenous history is not only thought provoking but demands change in humanity.”

Town & Gown Fundraising Dinner

Three women standing behind a table containing ABT marketing materials.

Christine Nehring, Melissa Naman and Mary Higgins at UFV’s Town and Gown 2017

On November 15, ABT attended UFV’s annual Town & Gown fundraiser. This sold-out event generated more than $85,000 for UFV student scholarships, awards, and bursaries.

ABT hosted an information booth and met numerous community members as well as reconnected with UFV colleagues and ABT graduates. One graduate was in attendance to celebrate the success of her daughter, Alexis Warmerdam, who received UFV’s Young Distinguished Alumni award. Kudos to Alexis, and what a pleasure to reconnect with ABT graduate Margaret Woelke!

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