Punjabi Canadian Legacy Project Provincial Recognition

BCMA RoundUp Magazine Coverage

The SASI is pleased to announce that the latest edition of the BC RoundUp Magazine, a BC Museums Association magazine features a story based on the work of the Punjabi Canadian Legacy Project. To view the magazine, please click here.

The South Asian Studies Institute (SASI) at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV), in partnership with the Royal BC Museum, and in consultation with the Punjabi Canadian Legacy Project Advisory Committee, engaged with British Columbia’s Punjabi communities, organizations and individuals to create the Punjabi Canadian Legacy Project (PCLP). The PCLP is preserving, exploring and sharing the contributions Punjabi communities have made to the history of BC and Canada.

Honourable Mention at the BC Museums Association Conference

In addition to the feature in the RoundUp magazine, the Punjabi Canadian Legacy Project also received an Honourable Mention for Impact and Engagement from the BC Museums Association. The announcement was made during the annual BCMA conference which took place in October, 2018.

Phase 1 of the project included several initiatives such as a gallery intervention event and establishing an advisory committee, For more information about Phase 1, click here.

History Across the Regions Project (HARP)

The PCLP undertook Phase 2: History Across the Regions Project (HARP) and built upon the work of the Royal BC Museum. In this phase, the SASI and RBCM engaged in Provincial wide interviews of Punjabi settler across the Province. The final consultation report is now available for viewing and can be viewed by clicking on the report cover below.