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As we near the official end of the winter term thank you to all faculty and staff for all you have done to ensure continuity for our students. And students, thank you for persevering through challenges and changes as you pursue your academic goals. We look forward to a time when we can celebrate your achievements together and in person.


Computer lab update

The Computer lab in Building D, Room 226 will now be open.

Building G will now be closed to the public. Staff can access via card or by calling security.

Parking fees donation update

As of April 28, 152 employees are voluntarily reallocating a total of $3,980 per month to the UFV Student Emergency Fund, assisting students experiencing urgent and serious financial difficulties. This sum will continue to climb as monthly deductions accrue and possibly more employees join the program.

Employees, alumni, and other community members who wish to make a one-time donation, may do so here.

More COVID-19 UFV stories

Please check the UFV Blog for stories relating to COVID-19 and the response from UFV alumni, students, faculty, and staff.


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  1. It continues to say that there will be an updated process to withdraw from a course with a “w” but I can’t find it yet and tomorrow is May 8th. Is it coming or where can it be found?

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