Campus access updated

Campus availability – updated April 14

The University is open, with classes and services being provided remotely and online. Some services and buildings have modified hours.

Please follow the usual protocol to access space: contact Security (1.855.239.7654) for access inquiries at Mission, Clearbrook, Hope and any closed building at Abbotsford and CEP campuses.

ITS Service

The ITS Service desk will be open to assist you virtually (phone, email, remote desktop control & ticketing system) from 8am to 8pm Monday through Friday and closed on the weekends. More information here.

Computer labs are available with physical distancing measures in place:
Building G, Room 210

Building A, Room  A1202 (enter through the side hall entrance not the library)


The SUB building closed to the public, staff, SUS, Cascade, CiVL Radio etc. controlled access

Buildings, A B C D are open Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm, Saturday, 8am to 5pm, and closed Sunday
Library closed – except room G 210 – computer lab. Staff will have card access. Library staff are ready to assist you online, and our digital collections are always available.  Please check the Library’s blog for more information.

Building G: open Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm, Saturday, 8am to 5pm, and closed Sunday

Building E: the Athletic Centre will be closed, staff will have card access

Building F: closed. Staff will have card access
Building K: closed. Staff will have card access

Art studios: closed


Building  T: closed as of Wednesday, March 25 as of 4pm

Building A: open Monday to Friday  7am to 5pm , Saturday 8am to 5pm, Sunday Closed.

Access to A1202 computer lab is available during the above hours (enter through the side hall entrance not the library)

All other Chilliwack campus buildings are closed except to staff with card or key access.

Library closed
Staff will have card access. Library staff are ready to assist you online, and our digital collections are always available.  Please check the Library’s blog for more information.

Closed. Staff and Faculty have usual card access.

Closed. Staff have usual card access.

Hope Centre
Closed – all classes conducted remotely. Staff has usual card access.

Closed, staff have usual card access.


16 thoughts on “Campus access updated”

    • Hi there, Useless, (your words not mine)
      Yes. We know it changed rapidly for the SUB. It is a rapidly changing crisis. Frankly, in the case of the SUB, this was mainly in response to the fact social/physical distancing was not happening in that building, in particular. Normally we’d love that… 🙂 but this is COVID-19 and all contact like that means the virus can spread. Check the direct appeal from the Public Health Officer from 3 weeks ago.
      All other closure notifications came with notice or with a mechanism to enter the building if absolutely needed (T Building in trades for example).

  1. Hi,

    Why is the weight room closed? Opening the weight room would be a great way for people to relieve stress, there could be a limit of 2 people at a time which would be easy to follow as many people would not want to go. However, for the few that do, it would be a great boost in mental well being.

    • Hi John,
      I understand the need to exercise – personally, I really get it. I do.
      However, there would be issues with people using the weight room and then disinfecting every surface they have touched – before the next person comes and uses the equipment – think dumbbells and how many people touch them in a day. The Provincial Health Office apparently agrees as there is now an order in place shutting down all gyms, fitness centres etc in the province – and most have already closed their doors because of the concerns above plus the fact you’d have many people together in a small space – not good for social distancing.

  2. will the tuition fees for the summer semester be reduced? We usually pay for building fees, SUS fees and bus fees etc., and since we are in a remote learning environment and wont be using these services are we still have to pay for them? I asked this question a while back, and i’m following it up. thanks.

    • Hi Avnish,
      Thanks for your patience. To answer your question:
      Tuition fees will remain.
      Other fees relating to health and wellness where services are still being provided will likely continue, but all fees are being re-assessed. Mandatory course fees, for most courses, have been removed. Many other fees (connector, radio station, campus newspaper – the latter two are still operating) are actually levied by the Student Union Society and other student societies. UFV is in discussion with these societies to try and understand what is fair and equitable for services that are being provided. For example, the CiVL radio station and the Cascade newspaper (online only) will continue to serve summer students and perhaps into the future depending on how long the pandemic continues.

      • Why are we paying for things we aren’t using though? It doesn’t seem very right Or fair for us to pay for things we don’t need

        • Right. And some services are being continued and some are not – your point is very valid. The Student Union approves changes to fees that are related to many student services (the Campus Connector for e.g.) and UFV provides the mechanism to collect these fees. Hence we are working with the society to figure out what is fair and equitable.

          • UFV should reconsider its decision. It should support students rather than charging fees for several services that no one is going to use. This is a very hard time for everyone and we expect UFV to support us.

          • Right Gurmit, that’s exactly what we are talking to the Student Union Society and others about. What is fair. Please see my comment to Avnish below. We are sensitive to the various stresses on students right now – and so some services have to stay and others will not.

          • When will we get an answer by? If its too last minute UFV will cause an immense stress onto students, and you are saying you guys care, but its not coming off that way. There hasn’t been any official announcement that you are reconsidering fees, and there are fees that SUS does not require or at least should be significantly reduced (by more than half at least)

          • Hi Avnish,
            Yes. I understand it’s stressful. And we do care. I also encourage you to express your views with the Student Union Society. As soon as we have an answer we will let you know. Also, I’m not sure you need this information but i’d like to provide it to you. Are you in contact with; 1) UFV Financial Aid regarding options? 2) UFV Student Support services and other services during this time – a good site for that is UFV COIVD-19 site. Some great resources there.

          • I read those sites, and they weren’t great resources to the issue im bringing up. No one is answering or acknowledging the issue that UFV doesn’t seem to be removing unnecessary fees that students shouldn’t have to pay.

          • Hi Avnish,
            I’m sorry my answers here are not helping you. As mentioned, UFV is in discussion with the Student Union Society (SUS). SUS actually has the responsibility for many of these fees and UFV cannot in fact cancel (or impose) some fees without SUS collaboration. As I mentioned in my previous reply, as soon as we have news we will share it. Please feel free to email me directly at if you have more questions.

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