Update March 24: Important information for students

Important updates:

Student Services:

UFV remains committed to supporting students through phone, virtual, and online services. Here is an updated and complete list.

Summer semester

  • Summer semester classes will continue in an online or remote format only.
  • There will be no face-to-face courses, in any of the Summer semester Full, Early, or Late sessions.
  • Students should continue to register for courses as they normally would.
  • All registration deposits are refundable if a student registers, but withdraws from all courses by April 20 .
  • Not all courses scheduled will be able to be offered on-line. On the other hand, some new courses not currently appearing in online calendars, may be provided.

Students with questions about the Summer semester should contact the Registrar’s office directly at reginfo@ufv.ca 

Course withdrawal

  • You have until May 8, 2020 to voluntarily withdraw from courses for the winter term.
  • You can choose to withdraw from a course with no adverse academic effect.
  • For courses dropped during this new withdrawal period, a “W” will show on your permanent record, but will not count as a course attempt when calculating repeat rules.
  • If you have student loans you should connect with Financial Aid (finaid@ufv.ca) and athletes should connect with Alicia.Hurley@ufv.ca prior to withdrawal.
  • You can withdraw from a course through your MyUFV account.
  • No further approval is required.

Students with questions about course withdrawal should contact the Registrar’s office directly at reginfo@ufv.ca 

Parking lot hotspots

UFV is providing access to Wi-Fi for students, faculty, and staff in several of our parking lots on the Abbotsford and Chilliwack campuses. This means if you need Wi-Fi you can drive up, maintain social or physical distance in your car, and access Wi-Fi. See map for locations.

Computer Labs

The following computer labs are available:

  • Abbotsford: Building G room 210
  • Chilliwack: Building A room 1202

Buildings – please note: revised hours for all campuses and buildings located here.

Student Union Building

In order to further promote social and physical distancing the Student Union Building (SUB) will be closed on Wednesday, March 25, with access for SUS executive and others who have offices in the building and who cannot work remotely.

Building T– in Chilliwack will be closed as of 4pm Wednesday, March 25.

UFV Bookstores

The UFV Bookstores will be operating online in order to serve you while maintaining physical distancing measures. The bookstores remain available to process orders placed online, and are offering free shipping for online orders until the end of classes in April.

Food and services

  • Cascade Café:
    • Abbotsford: Wednesday to Thursday, March 26 10am – 2pm then closed until further notice
    • Chilliwack: Closed as of March 25
  • Campus Card Office: Monday to Friday, 9am – 4:00pm
  • Print Services: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30pm (CEP) and 12-4 (Abbotsford)
  • Tim Hortons: Closed
  • The Parking Desk: Closed
  • Quick Print: Closed as of Thursday, March 26

A reminder: UFV and the Fraser Health Authority encourage you to check factual health sources for information relating to COVID-19 symptoms, self-isolation, and testing. BC has a dedicated COVID-19 line at 1-888-COVID19 or text 1-888-268-4319, or 604-630-0300. Health Canada has resources on prevention and risk, symptoms, and what to do if you are diagnosed with COVID-19.


7 thoughts on “Update March 24: Important information for students”

  1. Thank you for making the right decision in making the summer semester courses online/remote. Our safety should come first before anything else. I was reconsidering enrolling in the summer semester because I was afraid that I would be exposed to COVD19, but since all classes are now online, I can continue my studies throughout the summer. Again, good decision.

  2. just so we’re clear. We have the option to withdrawal a course even after finals? Am I reading this right?

  3. I’m a little confused, when will we know which courses AREN’T going to be available and when will we know what will be added?

    • Dear Confused,
      Your confusion will be alleviated on April 6. Registration is on hold until then for summer semester so we can confirm our course offerings.

  4. Hi there,

    I just have a question regarding parking on campus. I am unsure if this has been raised in any other forums, however, if we have paid to park on campus for the semester, are we going to be reimbursed or credited for the remainder of the semester? Given that classes have no longer taken place on campus since March 16th and will be online for the duration of the semester, I personally do not have a need to be on campus and I am paying for a service that no longer applies to me.

    • We are looking into a solution for you on this question, Julie. Soooo, it’s a solid… stay tuned from me.
      Weak, I know.
      But we will get back to you.

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