March 24 Updates Faculty and Staff

UFV is open. As the COVID-19 situation evolves, the University is adapting and providing education and services online wherever and whenever possible. So while the doors to some buildings and services may be closed, UFV remains open, active, and online.

Summer semester

  • Classes for the summer semester will continue in an online or remote format only.
  • There will be no face-to-face courses in any of the summer semester full, early, or late sessions.
  • Students should continue to register for courses as they normally would through the end of the early registration period on March 27.
  • All registration deposits are refundable if a student registers, but withdraws by April 20.
  • Not all courses scheduled will be offered on-line. On the other hand, some new courses not currently appearing in online calendars, may be provided.

Course withdrawal

  • Students have until May 8, 2020 to voluntarily withdraw from courses for the winter term.
  • You can choose to withdraw from a course with no adverse academic effect.
  • For courses dropped during this new withdrawal period, a “W” will show on student’s permanent record, but will not count as a course attempt when calculating repeat rules.
  • Students with student loans should connect with Financial Aid ( and athletes should connect with prior to withdrawal.
  • Students are able to withdraw from a course through their MyUFV account.
  • No further approval is required.

Students with questions about withdrawal and the summer session should contact the Registrar’s office directly at 

Parking lot Wi-Fi

UFV is providing access to Wi-Fi hotspots for students, faculty, and staff in several of our parking lots on the Abbotsford and Chilliwack campuses. This means you can drive up, maintain social or physical distance in your car, and access Wi-Fi. See map for locations.

Computer Labs

The following computer labs with social distancing measures are available:

  • Abbotsford: Building G room 210
  • Chilliwack: Building A room 1202

Campus access

Please note: revised hours for all campuses and buildings located here. The following is new information.

Student Union Building

In order to further promote social and physical distancing the Student Union Building (SUB) will be closed at end of day on Wednesday, March 25, with access for SUS executive, and others who have offices in the building and who cannot work remotely.

Building T

The Applied and Technical Studies Building in Chilliwack will be closed as of 4pm Wednesday, March 25.

Student Services:

UFV remains committed to supporting students through phone, virtual, and online services. Here is an updated and complete list.

UFV Bookstores

The UFV Bookstores will be operating online in order to serve you while maintaining physical distancing measures. The bookstores remain available to process orders placed online, and are offering free shipping for online orders until the end of classes in April.

Food and services

Cascade Café:

  • Abbotsford: Wednesday and Thursday, March 26 10am to 2pm then closed until further notice
  • Chilliwack: Closed as of March 25
  • Campus Card Office: Closed
  • Print Services: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30pm (CEP) and 12-4 (Abbotsford)
  • Tim Hortons: Closed
  • The Parking Desk: Closed
  • Quick Print: Closed as of Thursday, March 26


36 thoughts on “March 24 Updates Faculty and Staff”

  1. Students have until *May* 8 to withdraw from winter semester courses? After the grades are in? Should that be April 8?

    • Puzzled,
      Correct May 8.
      I was surprised too. So much so I even double checked with the guy in charge of this because I thought we’d made an error. We did not. May 8.

      • Based on the explanation received from a professor – it was made like this to provide a cushion for students that may be subject to revised grading / assignment weighting that is now beyond their control.

    • Puzzled – you read right. May 8. This is an effort to provide the greatest amount of flexibility possible for students.

    • We expect the almost all grades to be in by May 8.
      Students with late grades or special circumstances will be granted a W by application, via email to the registrar’s office

    • Good point Kirsten.
      No they are not open. I will have to add that to the post here. Thank you for bringing this up.

  2. When will we know which courses are now not going to be offered in the summer? Considering registration it going on right now, are the new courses that are going to be offered posted anywhere ?

    • Hi Confused, registration and scheduling information will be updated online and on the web once changes are made. Our capable staff are working on it, but these things take time. We will let everyone know when they are available. Thanks in advance for your patience.

  3. A question regarding lab courses. Are they still being offered, and if so at what extent?
    As to my knowledge the labs are currently closed at both Abbotsford and Chilliwack and this would make a lab course extremely difficult to do.

    • Good question Brady – you’re on it.
      So you are technically right these courses should be online – but I need you to check with your prof via email, blackboard or however you usually connect with them – they will give you the precise info you need.

  4. Hi I left my tools in the welding shop. Is it too late now to pick them up or is the building still open?

  5. Hi I am currently waitlisted as number 4 for a summer class Stats 104. Since we cannot show up on the first day of class to see if there is a spot or someone has dropped out how will this process work online?

    • Wow – you guys are hitting hard with the questions here today… I’ll work on that one for you and get back to you, S.K.

      • Okay – the big brains have got back to me – I’m grateful they know this stuff… XX wait – this just in – have to get back to you again. Wrinkle came up.

  6. As classes will be online, is it possible that the limit of students per class can be increased. For example instead of 36 we have can 40 people in the class so people on waitlists can also have a chance.

    • Interesting point Hopeful. I will forward your request to our teaching and learning experts for their consideration. although they are pretty smart and probably are way ahead of me on this one.

      • Hi Hopeful, me again.
        Our teaching and learning people say technologically they could eventually make classes bigger. Stay tuned on that one I guess as there are many things that have to happen – rest assured they are looking at the options here – we appreciate your patience and we know it’s stressful. UFV is moving as quickly as we can in this ever changing time.

  7. I know it says ” There will be no face-to-face courses in any of the summer semester full, early, or late sessions. ”
    Does that mean even if the situation regarding the virus get better like in July or August would we transition back to classes at the school, or is it no matter what the summer semester will remain online only?

    • Online for the summer – all sessions right until September. At this point that is the plan Gurneet.

      • There is huge waitlist for summer courses. Will UFV open new sections for students who need to get there study done for the coming graduation? Neither have I received any email regarding new sections nor the waitlist has decreased. What should we do?

        • Online students who have registered for a course will need to sign-in by May 6 at noon (or July 4 at noon for the late session) or they will be treated as a no-show and dropped. Then students on the wait list for each course will be contacted in their queue order. For deadlines please see

  8. Hey Dave, thanks for all the updates throughout these last few weeks!

    Quick question regarding students that purchased full semester parking passes for $160, is there any sort of refund we can expect and if so how can students go about this?


    • Hi there UFV student,
      We are working on a solution for your most sensible question. Stay tuned please.

  9. What are you planning for international students who yet have to come in canada for their summer classes

    Can they attend online classes by staying in their own country?

    • Hi Gurwinder,
      UFV International has reached out to all new international students who were registered for summer courses and asked them what their study intentions are. While some may not feel remote study is right for them, others may feel comfortable in that type of learning environment. Connect with International here:

  10. If we are to withdraw from our Summer semester courses, will our deposit be automatically refunded, or will we have to contact somebody to get it back? And will it be a credit, or will it go right into my bank account? Thanks in advance

  11. Since all classes will be done either online or via remote learning, how does remote learning differ from the online classes? Are you required to sign in to blackboard on a specific day of the week/time?

    Thank you

    • Hi C,
      It can vary course to course and even class to class within that class so best to read the course description for more info.

  12. How does “remote learning” or online courses work in these cases.
    is this blackboard learn or are their “live lectures”?

    • Some of both AKM. It is course by course. And sometimes some of both in a given course. So this is whats known as synchronous or asynchronous learning. I learned these terms about a week ago 🙂 In Synchronous learning, as a student, you have to watch a lecture at a certain time. It’s live. You are able to interact with your students about the answers. The teacher is also able to read your answers immediately and to interact with the students during this lecture. The type of lecture has to be given online.

      Asynchronous learning
      On the other hand, imagine you are able to watch the lecture at your own pace. You can’t discuss your answers with your classmates in real time. This type of lecture can be given offline.

      Make sense?

      I know heavy stuff. See, you are learning asynchronously by reading this online. We are not live. We’re not going back and forth instantly. If we were chatting on what’s app or whatever in real time we would be in “synch” and then this would be synchronous learning… got it?

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