Finding Happiness During the COVID-19 Crisis

Action for Happiness is a movement of people committed to building a happier and more caring society. I follow them and often log on to their website at when I feel the need for inspiration or encouragement in my life. This site is full of ideas and resources to enable people to take action at home, at work or in their community in an effort to achieve a happier and more fulfilled life.

One of my favorite (and simple) things that they provide is a monthly Action Calendar. Every month I print it out, post it on my wall and try my best to complete the task each day! The calendar this month is entitled Meaningful May and its actions were created to help us respond to this global crisis with a sense of purpose and meaning by reminding us to keep calm, stay wise and be kind. I encourage you to participate in these activities — they really are simple and although they take little time and effort, they could make a huge impact in your life. Friday, May 1 is the first day and the calendar asks you to “take a minute to remember what really matters to you and why”. Maybe keep a journal for the month and write down your thoughts each day, and as you are doing it, really think about what you are writing. I would love to hear some of your actions in the comments! This may sound a bit “wishy-washy” to some of you, but we are in a very unique situation in our lives and anything we can do for ourselves to help navigate the rough waters is worth a try.

Yes, the world is in a state of flux and will most likely never be the same again, but I truly believe that some good will come out of it. If we allow ourselves the opportunity, we can learn new things, appreciate what we have, and find true happiness on the other side!

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions”.

– Dalai Lama

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