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LIYSF Day 2: The English love their queues’

Woke up early this morning to be a flag bearer for the conference and dressed up nice for the occasion. The opening ceremony for the conference was today to introduce the 67 home countries represented by the 480 students at the forum. I was an extra in case someone didn’t show up for flag duty […]

LIYSF Day 3: Posters and Pubs (P)

Hi everyone, Today was a busy day. In the morning, we visited a variety of sights. I visited University College London, where we learned about a range of topics in biomedical engineering. First, we learned about Near-Infrared Imaging (NRI), a non-invasive technique for monitoring brain usage. Next, we learned the basics of biochemical engineering; in […]

LIYSF Day 2: The Conference Begins (P)

Hi everyone, This morning, I spent almost half an hour in line for breakfast. Although it seems like forever when you’re both sleepy and hungry, I met a number of people in line (although it still seems like every other person I meet is from Australia). After breakfast, we went to the Opening Ceremony, where […]

LIYSF Day 1: The Aussies (P)

Hi everyone, I’m Perrin, and I’m one of UFV’s representatives at LIYSF. First day has already been crazy. I haven’t slept in effectively two days, but have managed to arrive at Imperial College London with minimal scratches and bruises. Word of advice to future LIYSF attendees – fly to Heathrow, not Gatwick. To get to […]

LIYSF Day 1: Arrival

So it seems that I have made my way to London. I don’t know where the time has gone this summer, but being on the road the past 6 weeks has definitely made time speed up. My first experience with LIYSF and London has been a whirlwind. Everyone here is so organized, whisking you away […]