greenSPEAK Seminar Series (2013)

Centre for Sustainability John Vissers: “You damn commie tree hugger” – The fate and future of environmental activism in a conservative city (Nov. 26, 2013) Andrea Gielens: Oregon Spotted Frog and Western Painted Turtle Recovery Programs (Nov. 19, 2013) Nichole Marples: “From Awareness to Action” (Nov. 5, 2013) Sven Van de Wetering: speaking on barriers … Read more

UFV greenSPEAK lecture series focuses on environmental issues (2013)

Archived from UFV Today, January 30 2013.  Original post by Marketing Communications. When looking at the UFV website, passing by its signage or simply picking up a brochure around campus, the university is overwhelmingly associated with the colour green. This verdant colour is inviting and creates a certain level of expectation around environmental issues such … Read more