Congratulations to CityStudio’s HUBBUB Team Award winners!

Hubbub is an interactive project showcase taking place twice a year that brings together UFV students to share their projects, findings and recommendations with city staff, peers and engaged community members. Staff also have a chance to vote for their favourite project and mingle with the students, City staff, faculty and instructors, CityStudio team, and others from the innovation community.

Students in BIO/GEOG 357, GEOG 105, and GEOG 111 who carried out their Sustainable Tourism projects in Abbotsford’s Whatcom Neighbourhood competed at the Fall 2023 City of Abbotsford’s Hubbub. A total of 32 students in BIO/GEOG 357: Conservation GIS carried out six group projects on the conservation of at-risk plant and animal species along the Abbotsford Discovery trail to promote sustainable tourism in the city. Projects included the integration of wineries and cycling tours in the conservation of local species in the Bradner-Mt. Lehman Neighbourhoods, controlling the invasive species yellow archangel in a park, conservation of the Oregon Forest Snail in the Sumas Mountain, controlling the European Starlings in East Matsqui, conservation of the Pacific Waterleaf in the Whatcom neighbourhood and the conservation of Pacific Water Shrew in Old Clayburn.

Thirty-six students in GEOG 105: Natural Hazards and Hollywood carried out nine group projects that identified and assessed the natural and man-made l hazards along the Abbotsford Discovery trail, suggesting solutions to make the trail safe. The various groups reported flooding and slope failure as the most common issues, but some teams also identified fault lines and man-made hazards along the Abbotsford Discovery Trail.

Sixty-two students in GEOG 111: Environmental Issues and Strategies carried out 12 group projects to identify environmental issues in the communities along the Abbotsford Discovery Trail and assess climate change resilience. Various issues have been identified, from the effect of the pipeline in the Bradner-Mt. Lehman-Matsqui neighbourhoods, wildfire hazard in the Sumas Mountain neighbourhood, to the effect of noise and light pollution in Whatcom and Old Clayburn neighbourhoods.

Congratulations to December 2023’s winning team posing with Dr. Mariano Mapili and the Mayor of the City of Abbotsford during the December 6, 2023, CityStudio Hubbub (photo above).