Dr. Lucy Lee, Dean of Science interviewed by UFV Cascade

Dr. Lucy Lee, Dean of the Faculty of Science was recently interviewed by Rachel Tait from The Cascade. She shared some insight into her research which she plans to continue after her retirement.

Dean of the faculty of science is retiring from her post

Dr. Lucy Lee opens up about working at UFV

Article written by Rachel Tait, June 5, 2023

Dr. Lucy Lee has worked as the dean of the faculty of science at UFV since 2012. Holding a PhD in cell biology from the University of Waterloo, Lee specializes in fish cell culture and “fish muscle cell line development.” She has worked at such institutions as the University of Saskatchewan, Wilfrid Laurier University, and the University of Waterloo, and after 11 years of working at UFV, has decided to retire from her position. Dr. Lee opened up about working in her position, the Lee Lab, her research, and what she hopes to see in the future for UFV.

Lee has been working predominantly in fish cell culture for several years, but it wasn’t her first choice back in high school. “It’s actually very convoluted because you’ve finished high school and you never know what you want to do.” Lee said that since she was good at many subjects, her high school counsellor told her, “you can do whatever you want.” One of her passions was art, and she’d initially decided to become an architect because she wanted to utilize both her math and drawing skills in her profession.