Would you like the opportunity to be paid to do research? Application deadline MAR 17/23

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award Program (USRA) provides an award for undergraduate students in the natural sciences and engineering areas of study to engage in research over a 16-week period over the 2023 summer semester (May to August). These are competitive national-level awards.

Students must be available to work full-time during the 16-week tenure of the award, from May – August 2023, under the supervision of an eligible UFV faculty member. The faculty member must agree to supervise your work and complete the USRA Faculty Supervisor Form.

NEW Pilot Project from the Government of Canada: SSHRC and CIHR USRA program for students of Black heritage.

ANNOUNCEMENT from the Government of Canada: NSERC, SSHRC, and CIHR have announced 95 CIHR USRA awards and 95 SSHRC USRA awards for students of Black heritage for the 2023-2024 USRA cycle (May 2023 – January 2024). Each university across Canada has been given one allotment for SSHRC and one for CIHR. NSERC is providing allotments to all successful Black student applicants.

Interested? Here’s what you do:

Before applying, check that you are eligible through the NSERC site.

Application Process:

  1. Confirm that an eligible faculty supervisor will supervise your USRA position. Faculty must be able to provide the USRA supplement funding with their own external grant funds.
  2. Ask your faculty supervisor to complete the “USRA Faculty Supervisor Form” found on the Research website.
  3. Create a profile on the NSERC USRA Online System Login.
  4. The NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR USRA applications all must be submitted using the NSERC USRA portal, Forms 202 I and II.
  5. Fill out Form 202, Part 1 on-line, including uploading copies of your official transcripts.
  6. Email the following documents to the Research Office at rgs@ufv.ca by March 17, 2023:
    • a completed “USRA Faculty Supervisor From” found on the research website.
    • scanned copies of your Form 202, Part 1
    • copy of your current CV

If you have any questions, please contact the Research Office at rgs@ufv.ca.

UFV Deadline to apply is Tuesday, March 17, 2023