New summer course of interest to students in Math, Stats, Bioinformatics, Physics, Engineering and Data Analytics

Interested in participating in a unique opportunity? Take a new course in the first half of the summer, learn image processing and analytics techniques, and do a project related to COVID-19?

If so, please register for CIS 496K:  IMAGE PROCESSING AND ANALYSIS

This course covers the fundamental techniques used for image processing and image analysis with some Machine Learning techniques which have many applications including medical image processing, robotics, automation, precision agriculture, gaming, and many more. It is expected that students who take this course are familiar with (or willing to learn quickly) the Python programming language.

Two main applications of interest, specific to COVID 19 are:

  1.  analyzing medical images such as Chest X-Ray or CT. Such images has shown to be an effective complementary screening method to genetic/antibody PCR tests by providing a better insight on the severity of the patient’s situation which is very helpful for resource management, especially in the current pandemic situation.
  2.  analyzing camera images taken by companion robots; such robots could be used for health monitoring and also conversational companionship to remedy the anxiety due to physical/social distancing, especially for our seniors, toddlers, and special needs populations.

For more information, please contact:

Amir Shabani, PhD., P.Eng.
Assistant Professor of Computing
Research Area: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Interactive Robotics, Internet of Things