COVID-19 UFV Community FAQ’s

Posted March 11, 2020 by Dave Pinton

Here are some answers to general questions around the COVID-19 pandemic. This list will grow and change. Over the coming days ahead we will also post more robust and specific FAQ`s on the UFV Risk and Safety COVID-19 site. 

What is UFV doing to ensure safety of the UFV community?
Has anyone at UFV been diagnosed with COVID-19?
Are events or classes cancelled?
Will UFV have to close?
Should students, staff or faculty with flu-like symptoms be excluded from class/work?
Does a student need to get a doctor’s note if they are missing class for illness/if they are contagious?
People in my classes are sick, how do I know it’s not COVID-19?
What if I have concerns about someone else who is ill in my work area?
Should school events, outings or trips be cancelled as a precaution?
If I need to self-isolate because of possible exposure to COVID-19, who do I need to tell at UFV?
I am concerned about my family and friends currently in affected regions. Where can I go for support?
Where can I find out more information UFV Alert?