SustainableUFV News October 2018

SUCCESSfully Audited The Waste

The report outlining the results to be published shortly. Improvements were made! Thank you to the student and employee volunteers – we were few, but mighty!

Sustainable Transportation Project Survey

SustainableUFV is working to gather data about how and why people travel to/from/between campuses the way they do – and what it would take to get you to take more sustainable modes of transport (EVs, busses, carpooling, walking, biking, etc.). Click here for the survey. It will take less than 3 minutes and of course, the more submissions the higher quality the results will be.

Green Transportation. Green Wrap Job. Green In The Wallet.

UFV adds electric car to its vehicle fleet

Mission. Vision. Values.

Knowing that climate change is impacting every society on the globe and will continue to do so with rapidly increasing challenges… should UFV as a community leader be taking a lead and value sustainability and climate action!?

Have your say here.

Baby, It’s Cold Inside

The challenge with pipelines is that sometimes they just blow up. And now, we’re stuck not being able to use a resource we’ve been utterly dependent on. Fortis BC continues to force the (significant) reduction of natural gas used at UFV until further notice. Wear layers, enjoy warm beverages, think of Hawaii (often!), and we’ll ride this out together.

The facilities department has been trying to manage building temperatures as best as possible during this massive disruption, warming the buildings briefly in the morning, then turning down the temps as people fill up offices and classrooms – which helps maintain comfortable temps and adhere to our restrictions.

Note – There are 2 new water fill stations on ABB B1 and B3. Free with a re-useable bottle vs. $2.50 for a single-use plastic. I’ll take free every day (and do)!

Note – Sweater Week will be pushed to 2019 because it’s cold enough as is.

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