Sustainable UFV – 2017 In Review | 2018 On the Horizon

[box]2017 In Review[/box]

2017 was a remarkably productive year for us. We were able to launch several new initiatives, and spur progress in continuing programs as well:

  • Earth Day EarthPLAY: a fun outdoor event to get people re-connected to their natural environment
  • Bike to Work Week: getting people on two wheels to reduce greenhouse gases and get active
  • Sustainable Waste Stations: after months of planning, we launched our new Sustainable Waste Stations across our campuses!
  • Residence energy efficiency: providing tips and guidelines to help increase energy efficiency in Baker House
  • Mural painting: collaborating with Arts students to help beautify our campuses
  • Waste Audit: our biggest waste audit yet! Tackling 4 streams of waste from 2 buildings on the Abbotsford campus
  • Get your Fleece On 2.0: tackling the energy-hungry space heater with sustainable alternatives
  • Sweater Week: turning down the heat and turning up the style to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

[box]2018 On the Horizon[/box]

Building on the momentum we’ve developed over the last few years, we are developing more concise and well-planned initiatives built to spur actual change:

  • Documentary Screening and Social Event: engaging UFV on sustainability
  • Increasing our Waste Station Compliance: getting compostables and organics out of the landfill
  • Implementing Organics Bins in our Washrooms: putting paper towel in its rightful place
  • Sustainable Transportation: how to make getting to UFV greener
  • Sustaining a Bee Population: they and other pollinators are responsible for a third of our food, after all!
  • New Sustainability Coordinator: bringing the next generation of sustainability to UFV
  • Battery Recycling
  • Earth Day
  • Bike to Work Week

We’re looking forward to another active year.