Work Study position for Winter 2016 – deadline Jan. 18

Job Description

The Faculty of Science is seeking an enthusiastic science educator to organize science outreach programs for winter semester 2016. The job will involve primary responsibility for organizing and executing the Science Rocks in the Libraries and Schools program (outreach to local elementary schools), support for the Science Rocks summer camps (including promoting the camps for the coming summer and updating and maintaining the website), and, as time allows, involvement in the Super Science Club outreach program, and support for the Science Fair organized each spring by the Faculty of Science.
The student will work closely with the Faculty of Science outreach coordinator, Christine Dalton. The student will gain experience in all aspects of outreach, including recruiting students, promoting, managing, and executing the Science Rocks in the Libraries and Schools program, and liaising with community members. Website maintenance may include content for all of the above programs.


  • Enthusiasm for science
  • Enthusiasm for science education
  • Able to work with fellow students and with community members of all ages
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Self-motivated and interested in taking on new tasks
  • Experience with website maintenance (or willingness to learn this skill)
  • Work-study students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 AND be enrolled in a minimum of 9 credits for the Winter 2016 semester.

Salary Level

10 hours per week @ $10.45 per hour (plus 10% in lieu of all benefits automatically added by the Finance department)

Requested Document

Please include a brief (1/2 page maximum) cover letter explaining your interest in the position.

Contact Information