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Exova Canada Inc.

Job Title: Lab Technician
Department: Western Canada

Primary Purpose: Under the supervision of the Operations Manager, this position is responsible for collecting client samples according to the LIMS generated batch sheet and analyze, maintaining high standards of analytical quality.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Collect client samples according to the LIMS generated batch sheet and analyze, maintaining high standards of analytical quality.
  • Perform analysis as documented in the test method
  • Interpret and validate results and data.
  • Prepare reagents and standards.
  • Perform regular equipment maintenance and advise team leader when equipment is not functioning.
  • Input results into LIMS.
  • Clean glassware as specified in the test method.
  • Maintain equipment maintenance log and reagent preparation log.
  • Request supplies and consumables in advance of requirement by recording needed items in order book.
  • Train new staff in test methods
  • Follow the Quality System as documented in the Quality Manual.
  • General duties as directed by the team leader or operations manager
  • Analyze, verify and approve client test data
  • Complete client sample analysis within specified turn around time (TAT)
  • Strict adherence to the corporate Quality System
  • Perform test methods as documented
  • Maintain a clean and safe work environment; comply with all rules and responsibilities as outlined under the corporate Health and Safety Policy
  • Work with trainees until approval of trainees demonstrated competence is documented
  • Maintain training records, resumes and CVs
  • Seek out their direct supervisor if they are unsure of any job duties or tasks as per the structure shown in the organizational chart.

Job Specifications:

  • Post-secondary education in chemistry or other science related field
  • On The Job Training Required:
  • Quality System Training
  • WHMIS/Safety Training
  • LIMS Operation Training
  • Required LMS Modules
  • Proficient in the test method for analysis performed
  • Effective time management
  • Knowledge of quality standards as specified in the test method and data validation criteria
  • Quantitative chemistry skills applies to requirements of test method
  • Proficient in equipment operation and expected performance
  • Knowledge or maintenance required as specified in the test method
  • Proficient in the LIMS applications
  • Basic knowledge of PC applications
  • Demonstrate familiarity with glassware cleaning specified in the test methods
  • Knowledge of laboratory safety practices
  • Knowledge or requirements for recording information in logs
  • Knowledge of supply levels and ordering process
  • Technical knowledge of test methods
  • Effective communication skills
  • Knowledge of the Quality System with the ability to interpret and implement Quality Manual

Huyen Le   B.Sc Chem., C.I.T.
Inorganics Team Leader, Exova Surrey

#104, 19575-55A Avenue
Surrey, BC, V3S 8P8
T: 604 514 3322
F: 604 514 3323