Super Science Club 2014/2015 continues to deliver exceptional science fun to elementary students

A huge thank you to the Super Science Club team for another year of fun-filled activities for elementary school students.

Super Science Club is a partnership between the UFV Faculty of Science and Telus World of Science.  Every fall and winter semester UFV science students are trained by Science World to deliver fun and informative after-school science activities to children in the Fraser Valley.  The UFV students get fantastic training by Science World and an opportunity for hands-on teaching experience.  This year, eight UFV science students worked at four different elementary schools in the Valley:  Bernard Elementary, Central Elementary, Rosedale Elementary (all in Chilliwack) and Deroche Elementary (in Deroche).  Throughout the year Super Science Club reached 116 elementary students (and future scientists?!!) in the Valley.

The Super Science Club Team:

Christine Dalton, Organizer

Student Facilitators: Alexandra Renwick, Sarah Klann, Frank Foster, Megan Krabbendam, Kim Roffel, Dave Bamford, Elizabeth Avery, Linda VanLaar

super_science_club4 super_science_club3 super_science_club2