greenSPEAK – Sustainable living in the Western Canadian Arctic

Time: 1 pmsheena_adams

Date: Thurs, Dec. 18th

Place: Abbotsford Campus, A203b
(near Criminology)


Interested to learn about sustainable living in the Western Canadian Arctic? Curious about composting in -40, how a town survives running out of natural gas or what it’s like to ride a skidoo to work over a frozen Arctic river? Join Sheena Adams, UFV 2011 Alumni, for an entertaining and interactive presentation about living and conserving energy in the Arctic and the challenges and successes that are happening. Sheena lives in Inuvik, NT where she is the Regional Energy Project Coordinator for Arctic Energy Alliance, a not-for-profit society with a mandate “to help communities, consumers, producers, regulators and policymakers to work together to reduce the costs and environmental impacts of energy and utility services in the Northwest Territories.”