Science student among those recognized at UBC Graduate Students in Nursing Research Symposium

2014 Graduate Student Symposium (May 2, 2014)- Advanced Nursing Practice, presented by the Graduate Students in Nursing Association in partnership with the UBC School of Nursing.


Accomplished presenters ranged from Undergraduate to Doctoral students from Langara College, University of Victoria, Seattle University, UBC, and UFV! The theme was Advancing Nursing Practice however there were presenters from a variety of professions.

Shelley Canning with poster-UBC Nursing symposium 2014
Shelley Canning

Genevieve St. Martin (UFV BSc Biology Major) was the runner up for the oral research presentation.  She gave Shelley some tough competition and really impressed her audience. All three were very engaging and passionate about their work and the judges commented on the impact these three had on advancing nursing practice.

Genevieve was the only undergraduate student selected, out of the 14 oral presenters, to speak at one of the concurrent sessions. Her 15 minute oral presentation was well received by the audience and everyone was extremely impressed by her research, particularly for an undergraduate student.

Scott Ramsay

Congratulations to the winner of the poster presentation, Scott Ramsay (UFV BSc Nursing) and the winner of the oral research presentation, Shelley Canning (UFV Associate Professor, Registered Nursing)!

Several UFV representatives attended in support of the presenters. They were: Maddie Vaughan (Nursing student), Elise St. Martin (History student), James Bedard (Biology Professor), and Angela Bedard (Genetic Counsellor, BCCA).

ABSTRACT: Genevieve St. Martin (UFV BSc Biology Major)

Preparing Nurses for Personalized Medicine and Genetics: An Assessment of Knowledge and Comfort in Undergraduate Nursing Students

Genevieve N.C. St-Martin1, Angela C. Bedard2, JoAnne M. Nelmes3, and James E.J. Bedard1

Genevieve st.martin-2014 nursing symposium
Genevieve St. Martin

1- UFV Biology Department   2- Genetic Counsellor, BC Cancer Agency   3- UFV Nursing Department

It is essential for health care providers to possess basic genetics knowledge in order to provide effective patient care. Previous studies have shown that there is a lack of genetics knowledge for practicing nurses, but few studies have focused on the knowledge and comfort with applying genetic concepts for student nurses. The aim of this study is to measure undergraduate nursing student knowledge of genetic concepts, perceived comfort in applying those concepts to a clinical situation and attitude towards the role of genetics in nursing before and after an education session. The survey tool includes multiple choice questions for genetics knowledge, Likert-type questions for rating comfort with tasks and open ended questions to assess student attitudes. The participants will be divided into a control group and an experimental group and complete the survey at multiple points over a 7 week period determine any significant differences between the two groups and both short and long term learning gains. This interdisciplinary study will serve to promote a better understanding of the competencies and beliefs of nursing students with regards to genetics, and provide the students with genetics resources pertinent to nursing.