Remembering and Celebrating the “Día de Muertos Altar” at UFV

Remembering and Celebrating the “Día de Muertos Altar” at UFV Celebrating tradition and honouring our loved ones Experience the vibrant Mexican celebration of Día de Muertos at UFV, where traditions and memories come to life. The Spanish Program at MOLA invites everyone to celebrate the Día de Muertos Altar, which honours the cherished souls who … Read more

A reimagined website to help you discover the world through language

Welcome to new MOLA’s blog and website, where we share news, thoughts, and stories about the programs and the amazing people who are part of the Modern Languages department at UFV. This revamped virtual experience was designed with you in mind. Whether you’re a current student, a prospective language lover, or simply curious about the … Read more

Embracing Spanish Learning in My Eighth Decade: A Testimonial to Lifelong Curiosity by Sarah Shadbolt

Back in 2019, approaching my eighth decade, I decided to seriously study Spanish, mainly in order to keep my aging brain active. I made the best decision of my life and enrolled in Spanish 101 at the University of the Fraser Valley. The long-suffering professor was Teresa Arroliga-Piper she helped me to overcome my hesitancy … Read more