Communications research excellence: Yes we can!

The Communications Department is gearing up to select the best CMNS paper submitted in the last twelve months. The winning submission will receive a Research Excellence Award, worth $1,000.

Are you a full-time student this semester, or were you a full-time student in Summer/Fall 2012? Did you take (or are you taking) CMNS courses, especially CMNS 155, CMNS 412, or CMNS 490? Did you write a really strong paper in a CMNS course that accomplished any of the following?

  • established the current state of knowledge on a topic/area
  • identified a gap in the existing literature
  • filled that gap with evidence or rational argument
  • interpreted the findings/evidence, generalized it for wider applicability, or demonstrated how it could be used in applied communication practices
  • identified limitations and future work to be done in the area.

If you wrote a paper for a Communications course last year that fits in one or more of the above categories (or you know another UFV student who did), you may want to ask your instructor to nominate the paper for the University’s Research Excellence award.

Don’t be shy. If you are really proud of a paper or report you completed for a CMNS course, or you were really impressed by the work one of your classmates did, let your instructor know that you think that work should be recognized.

Instructors in the Communications Department will be submitting their nominations on Tues, April 17, and then arm-wrestling to determine which submission is the best…. (No, we don’t do that! In fact, a committee will carefully measure each submission to see which one best represents the department and the communications discipline, and that paper will be forwarded as the department’s selection for the Research Excellence award.)