CHASIcast: Dr. Shelley Liebembuk — confronting hate through art

Dr. Shelley Liebembuk sits in the CIVL Radio studio with a microphone in front of her. Behind her, a window looks out at the UFV Abbotsford Student Union Building Atrium. A quote from Dr. Liebembuk reads: “My hope is that when you sit with someone — literally, physically, have to sit with somebody else and someone else’s ideas for a while, in a space that asks you to listen — I think that can be really transformative. And I think part of that is the wonder and the courage of an audience member to arrive, and the courage of a performer to be vulnerable, to tell the story, to use their body as a conduit for that conversation.”

Dr. Shelley Liebembuk, a UFV Assistant Professor of Theatre, dives into her upcoming project on the latest CHASIcast. Premiering Thursday, March 23, The Laramie Project is constructed from the transcripts of over 200 interviews, conducted in the aftermath of the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard, a young gay man, in Laramie, Wyoming, in 1998. Dr. … Read more