Guest post: living with dementia during COVID-19

Photo of Christine Thelker

January is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month in Canada. At CHASI, much of our work focuses on topics of health and aging. This month we honour persons living with dementia who are advocating for change, reducing stigma, and raising awareness about dementia. One such advocate is Christine Thelker, who has graciously agreed to share her experiences and … Read more

CHASI Observes Raoul Wallenberg Day

Illustration of Raoul Wallenberg

Today we acknowledge Raoul Wallenberg Day. Wallenberg saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust, more than any other person or organization. Using his privileges as a Swedish diplomat in Budapest, he was able to extend diplomatic immunity and offer Swedish passports to Jewish Hungarians during the final years of World War II. For his heroic … Read more

Annual observances and days of note

CHASI logo

CHASI presents a series of illustrations and blog posts to acknowledge some of the significant annual observances which align with our core values. CHASI’s goal is to turn knowledge into action, and in keeping with our community-minded approach, we believe that it is essential to recognize the current and historical contexts in which our communities … Read more

CHASI’s Student Research Assistants and Interns

Thumbnail showing a collage of headshots of CHASI's 7 interns and research assistants.

In addition to our core team and faculty associates, CHASI’s work is aided by a number of student interns and research assistants. Research assistant: Lynsie Beaulieu Lynsie is a student at UFV, pursuing a degree in sociology with an extended minor in psychology. She was happy to join the research team at CHASI in January … Read more