Our Charmed Circle #3

An image of Matthew Shepard, a young blonde man, with Mary-Jo's face reflected in the glass case Mary-Jo's hand brushing over an image of an older blond man in a suit labelled "RAYMOND TAAVEL" behind a glass case An under perspective shot of Mary-Jo looking up at the full glass case, surrounded by red curtains and containing images of different people. A profile shot of Mary-Jo looking up, reading. In the background are news headlines mentioning hate crimes related to the victims pictured in the glass case. In the corner is a musical notification. Mary-Jo is looking down at her phone tearfully as people pass by in the background. Speech box 1: Zoe Today at 2:15 PM Heyo :3 Speech box 2: Mary-Jo Today at 2:15 PM What's up? Speech box 3: Zoe Today at 2:16 PM I wanna show u something Is now ok? Speech box 4: Mary-Jo Today at 2:18 PM Ofc A close up of Mary-Jo's phone held in her left hand, showing Zoe in makeup with a new hairstyle, grinning crookedly. Speech box 1: Zoe Today at 2:20 New year, new me ;) A slanted angle shot showing Mary-Jo looking down at her phone, wide-eyed and flushed as the background lights up. Shot of Zoe plopped onto her bed, blushing and clutching her phone to her chest. Page is cut in half diagonally, with the first panel showing Zoe, from the side, arms out looking at her phone eagerly. The second panel shows Mary-Jo looking down and texting as she smiles. Speech box 1: Mary-Jo Today at 2:25 PM So pretty!! You look amazing ❤️ Speech box 2: Zoe Today at 2:25 PM Hehe ty Amrita is showing me how. How r u? Speech box 3: Mary-Jo Today at 2:29 PM Feeling a lil down tbh Time to talk? Speech box 4: Zoe Today at 2:30 PM Always

In memory of:
Curtis Marsh
Britney Cosby and Crystal Jackson
Crystal Turner and Kylen Schulte
Edwin Chiloba
Raymond Taavel
Imanitwitaho Zachee (pronounced Za-shay), known as Zachee
Diamond Jackson-McDonald
Matthew Shepard

Our Charmed Circle shares the story of four friends connected across the continent by a shared enthusiasm for gaming and bound by a sense of solidarity. Follow the story of Fenix, Amrita, Mary-Jo, and Zoe as they navigate the realities of online relationships and daily life. With this comic, CHASI and artist Sharon Strauss aim to explore the issues we face, the world we live in, and how we find the strength to forge an identity in an ever-changing political landscape. Watch for a new comic every second week, and in print in The Cascade.

CHASI’s Our Charmed Circle page includes character bios and links to every comic.