CHASI hosts local artist Faria Firoz for Dinner & Art Night

On March 10, CHASI welcomed local visual artist and UFV alumni Faria Firoz to the Hub, where she joined our team for a dinner and conversations around her journey of art activism and community-minded creativity. We thank Faria for showing us how research, activism, and art can come together to create change, and appreciate her taking the time to join us and share stories about her practice and art activism.
If you’re not already familiar with Faria and her work, you can learn more and see her work…
– On her website:
– In CHASI’s BLM Social Justice Art Project documentary:
– In her recently-released extended interview from that documentary:
Photo of Faria Firoz sitting at a table, looking over at another person and smiling.
Photo of a group of women gathered around a large table eating, drinking, and talking. There are art supplies on the table.  Photo of Kristen Bencze and Carlanna Thompson at a table filled with art supplies. Kristen is holding up what appears to be a blank piece of paper to show the camera, and Carlanna is pointing to it. Photo of a set of paints of various colours
Photo of Mara Haggquist painting a black and white forest scene
Photo of Martha Dow standing at a white board, drawing a picture of a rabbit.