CHASI student experiences

CHASI works with a number of student research assistants and interns, each of whom serves a key role in CHASI’s mission to support the social, mental, emotional, physical, and economic health of those living in our communities. Here’s what some of our student coworkers have shared about their experiences.

Ekaterina Marenkov — Research Assistant

“I have been with CHASI for over a year now and I still experience the same giddy feeling of I-can’t-believe-this-is-my-job whenever I get to work on my community research project. CHASI has given me the opportunity to merge my research interests with my passion for community engagement. This is just to say, CHASI provides a nurturing environment for aspiring researchers which has increased my confidence, skills and knowledge base as a student researcher. Furthermore, being a part of the CHASI team has not only made me a better student and researcher, but, arguably, a better person. The CHASI team always encourages me to broaden my intellectual perspective, which develops my research capabilities and knowledge; and, in turn, expands the way I view the world. CHASI’s commitment to fostering critical thinking, and facilitating EDI culture and practices is an invaluable asset to UFV.”

Chloe Raible — Research Assistant

“Throughout my time at CHASI I have worked on multiple projects where I assisted in the ethics application processes. These projects included a shelter evaluation for Archway Community Services and a project related to early leavers at UFV. Throughout these projects I developed my understanding of the importance of research ethics, the types of questions you should be asking when beginning research, and how to complete an ethics application.”

Lynsie Beaulieu — Research Assistant

“My time at CHASI has increased my ability to understand the research process and allowed me to use my knowledge from classes practically, engage with community projects, and work with other student researchers. The staff at CHASI work to create a collaborative working environment where we engage in meaningful community research.”

Jeff Mijo-Burch — Social Media and Web Communications Intern

“When I started working with CHASI, I couldn’t have guessed what a wide range of projects I’d be involved in! On top of social media, I’ve had the chance to work on documentaries and podcasts, to cover press conferences and panel discussions, and to work alongside experts in both academic and professional fields.”

Kayla Harvey — Research Assistant

“During my time at CHASI I have had the opportunity to work on numerous meaningful projects. One of the first projects that I worked on was the BCCAT COVID-19 Dashboard; an online dashboard to view relevant information about the impact that COVID-19 had on students across Canada. This project has been my largest time investment thus far and I was proud to be a part of the team as I watched the construction of the Dashboard.”

Gina Dhinsa — Former Research Assistant

“As a CHASI Research Assistant, I strengthened my quantitative and qualitative research skills and developed connections with UFV students and staff who share my passion for social justice. My involvement in the Chilliwack Community Food Security Assessment and UFV Sexualized Violence Study allowed me to transform the knowledge I gained as a Global Development Studies student into community-based action. I am so grateful that I decided to join the CHASI team and feel very fortunate to have worked with incredibly empathic, collaborative, and creative researchers at the CHASI Hub.”