The CHASIcast

As part of CHASI’s mission to support the social, mental, emotional, physical, and economic health of those living in our communities, we bring together experts from across disciplines. Those experts have some incredible stories and insights. To share those with the communities we serve, we created The CHASIcast: a monthly podcast where we drill down on a current topic and chat about how it impacts our lives.

Hosted by CHASI’s director Dr. Martha Dow and recorded in CIVL Radio’s studio at the University of the Fraser Valley, the CHASIcast is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music/Audible, and most other platforms.

Photo of Dr. Martha Dow recording the CHASIcast in CIVL Radio's studio, taking notes and listening attentatively


Episode 1 — Dr. Jacqueline Nolte
Episode 2 — Dr. Sharanjit Kaur Sandhra
Episode 3 — Esther Jiménez Atochero
Episode 4 — Dr. Shelley Canning
Episode 5 — Dr. Sarah Beaulieu
Episode 6 — Dr. Sarah Beaulieu part 2
Episode 7 — Dr. Shelley Liebembuk
Episode 8 — CHASI RAs on Pride
Episode 9 — Stacy, Registered Social Worker
Episode 10 — Fatema D. Ahmadi
Episode 11 — Linda Pardy
Episode 12 — Chelsea Klassen
Episode 13 — Dr. Iris Lesser

Where to listen

All episodes are embedded on their individual pages on our website (linked above). You can also listen to the CHASIcast on a wide range of podcast/music streaming apps, including:

Apple Podcasts
Amazon Music
Google Podcasts