An Exciting Future for Celina Koops

Today is a bittersweet day at CHASI as our wonderful graphic design/illustration intern Celina Koops leaves to begin a new career with Indigenous Youth Wellness.

For more than a year, Celina has been an integral part of not just the CHASI team, but also of CHASI’s identity. After creating dozens of illustrations, animations, and graphics, Celina’s signature look has been a part of almost all of CHASI’s work since she joined our team. Her art even shapes the physical space of the CHASI Hub, with her “Faces of Resilience” exhibition currently hanging on our walls and inspiring our team.

You can follow Celina’s future work on her Instagram, @celinamedia, and see many of her illustrations for CHASI on our blog:

We’ll miss you, Celina! Thank you for all your hard work, we know you’re going to do great in your new job!

An animated GIF of Celina Koops sitting in front of her artwork, tilting and bowing her head with a smile