Witness the Micro-Lecture Challenge – Wed Feb 26

Dr. Mike Ivanof from the School of Business will be among 15 researchers from across the Institution who will be partaking in the Micro-Lecture Challenge. Participants are given two minutes to present their most recent research topics and findings. Dr. Ivanof will be speaking on, “Emerging Trends in Consumption Patterns of Goods and Services”. The … Read more

Seminar Series – Dr. Saeed Rahman

Dr. Saeed Rahman spoke to a large group at Friday’s Seminar Series. Faculty, Staff, Administration, and the BUS 304 – Organizational Theory and Design class attended his lecture on, “Global Climate Change and the Emergence of Multi-Level Governance: The Role of Business, Non-Profit Organizations and Cross-Sector Alliances”. During his presentation, Dr. Rahman emphasized how effective … Read more

Seminar Series – Dr. Saeed Rahman – Strategic Shifts Toward Regenerative Sustainability

Last week Friday the School of Business launched their 2019/2020 Seminar Series with a presentation by the faculty’s newest member, Dr. Saeed Rahman. Saeed’s current research interests include ecological knowledge, regenerative sustainability, systems theory, social-ecological systems perspective, organizational unlearning, climate change governance, and reverse innovation. His research on ecological knowledge focuses on exploring how agriculture/agri-food businesses … Read more

Faculty research presented at UFV Faculty Micro Lecture Event

Once again the Research, Engagement, and Graduate Studies Office hosted the UFV Faculty Micro Lecture event yesterday. This annual interdisciplinary event showcases faculty research from across the institution, and encourages the expansion of the audience’s academic palate, through the sampling of new subject areas. Faculty researchers are given a maximum of two minutes to present … Read more

School of Business professors share their research findings at UFV Faculty Micro-Lecture Challenge

Once again the Research, Engagement, and Graduate Studies office hosted the Faculty Micro-Lecture event. This is a chance for the UFV community to expand their academic pool of knowledge and sample new subject areas with an interdisciplinary afternoon showcasing faculty research from across the institution. Faculty presenters each take the stage for a maximum of … Read more