Enactus UFV Wins Action Challenge Regional Championship!

Congratulations to the Enactus UFV team on their incredible Enactus Canada Regional Exposition achievement!

The team was awarded the 2023 Scotiabank Climate Action Challenge Regional Championship for their social business project, Oak & Earth, at the March 2023 Regional Exposition in Calgary.

Oak & Earth has positively impacted our Fraser Valley community, especially local Indigenous communities. The business creates soy candles with scents inspired by plants that are important to Indigenous communities within the Fraser Valley. Oak & Earth also partners with the Fraser River Indigenous Society, giving them 50 percent of all profits from the sales.

The School of Business is incredibly proud of all the Enactus UFV students that worked super hard on their social business that positively impacts our community. The award the team received was a huge achievement, especially because they were competing with several well-established Enactus teams and projects that have been running for more than 15 years.

Thank you to Enactus UFV students and their faculty advisor, Saeed Rahman, for your hard work and dedication! To learn more about the team’s work, visit the Enactus UFV website.