UFV BBA Alumni Entrepreneur – Adjusting to Covid-19

UFV BBA Alumni, Alex McAuley discussed with UFV Today, what a true entrepreneur does when the market throws a giant curveball.

Alex’s travel wear company, Kosan, saw their business drop by 90% in the first two weeks of March. They quickly made the decision to pivot away from travel wear and to focus instead on making protective masks for the consumer market.

“There were several reasons we decided to pivot our business into protective masks,” Alex said. “Our hunch was that masks would become an essential travel and everyday item, so we started to develop these products with a long-term view. As the COVID-19 crisis progressed we realized there was an immediate need now for both masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) and we wanted to be part of that solution. Not only would this help keep Kosan alive, but it could help keep people protected, so we converted our supply chain immediately and haven’t slept much since!”

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Alex McAuley pictured above wearing one of his company’s protective masks.