Business Professor takes on the Faculty Micro-Lecture Challenge

Over a dozen faculty members, across campus, participated in UFV’s annual Faculty Micro-Lecture Challenge on February 26.

Described as “speed dating for research,” 14 challengers from four faculties – Science, the Arts, Health Sciences, and Professional Studies – took the stage in rapid succession to explain the real-world implications of their research in just 2 minutes or less. This display shown a brief light on the impressive breadth of research undertaken at the institution.

Dr. Mike Ivanof, from the School of Business, presented on the book he published during his sabbatical last year. ‘The Kleenex Syndrome’, is a discussion revolving around how the world of manufacturing will operate over the next 20-30 years, with players such as Industry 4.0 in play. The work focuses around the trends of the shortening life cycle of products (which are now disposed of as quickly as Kleenex), and how the employment of robotics leads to labour force elimination.