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UFV establishes emergency international student support fund

UFV establishes emergency international student support fund

UFV’s International Emergency Fund will assist students affected by humanitarian crises or catastrophe.

The University of the Fraser Valley is creating a program to support students affected by international conflict.

Led by UFV International, the International Emergency Fund (IEF) will support at least two international students affected by crisis or catastrophe for up to two years.

Associate Vice-President of International David McGuire says the IEF initiative will cover costs ranging from tuition to accommodation, with hopes of replenishing funding past an initial two-year pilot period.

“We are not limiting this just to refugees,” explains McGuire.

“The number of people fleeing Ukraine is staggering, but we must also remember that there are students from other countries whose lives have been disrupted, too. UFV is looking to assist people affected by humanitarian crises, and hopefully this fund helps make a difference for future students.”

The IEF is supported across the institution, including assistance from UFV’s Registrar’s office in opening channels to verify necessary educational credits and documentation.

UFV International’s previous humanitarian efforts include supporting UFV students to establish a local committee of the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) Student Refugee Program at UFV.

For more information on the IEF, including opportunities to support, please contact