Get to Know podcast: Candy Ho has a few thoughts on today’s job market

Dr. Candy Ho, UFV’s first ever assistant professor of Integrative Career & Capstone Learning.

We are living in a new environment when it comes to our careers. The chain reaction from the COVID-19 pandemic has altered where we work (remote versus in-person), sparked a Great Resignation, and given a lot of the leverage back to the employee.

Dr. Candy Ho, the first-ever assistant professor of Integrative Career & Capstone Learning at UFV, is aware of the shift and sees an incredible opportunity for UFV students to chase their dream career and purpose.

In our latest UFV Get to Know podcast, Anne Russell from UFV’s communications team learns about Dr. Ho’s career journey and finds out why she encourages students to apply for jobs even if they don’t meet all of the criteria. Dr. Ho also provides tips for UFV students or anyone trying to manifest or discover their dream career.

The Get to Know podcast is recorded at the CIVL Radio studio on UFV’s Abbotsford campus.

Enjoy this episode!

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